Seaweeds of Britiain and Ireland. Second Edition

by Francis Bunker, Juliet Brodie, Christine Maggs and Anne Bunker.

This book gives information on the identification of 230 species of seaweed found in the waters around Britain and Ireland and includes species found on the seashore and the shallow subtidal. Each species is illustrated by one or more colour photographs, many of which are taken ‘in situ’ and unlike more specialised text, technical language is kept to a minimum. This is a true field guide in that the descriptions concentrate on diagnostic features of species that can be seen by eye or with a hand lens.

Included in the book are keys which use colour and form to help readers identify species. Distinguishing features and areas of identify confusion are highlighted.

Details are given on the fascinating life histories and reproductive processes of the main seaweed groups.

Both scientific and common names are given to help make the book more accessible. A glossary of common and specialised terms is given.