Shoreline Surveys

Phase 1

In co-operation with Dr Bob Foster-Smith, Francis helped develop Phase 1 marine intertidal mapping methodology, using a combination of remote and field survey techniques.  Since then, Phase 1 shore mapping techniques have been employed all around the UK as a way of mapping the distribution and extent of shoreline resources.

Francis is chief author of the JNCC Procedural Guideline on the use of Phase 1 Shore Mapping in Marine Monitoring (Bunker et al, 2001). Francis has undertaken Phase 1 studies in various locations around the UK and most recently in the Salcombe and Kingsbridge Estuary Site of Special Scientific interest (Bunker et al, 2010). Francis runs bespoke Phase 1 shore mapping courses for clients as well as undertaking surveys.  


MarineSeen has a long association with projects concerned with the monitoring of communities on rocky shores.

During the Sea Empress oil spill that hit Pembrokeshire in 1996, MarineSeen was involved in several projects which examined the impacts of the spill (Bunker and Bunker, 1998)

More recently, Francis, with ASML has been involved in a program of long term shore monitoring of the shores of Welsh SAC’s (for example Bunker, 2011).


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